GCA’S Annual Membership Drive

Dear Member,

We have been particularly busy this year expanding and maintaining our historic districts, while providing ongoing water quality monitoring and creating and protecting riparian buffers.  There, that sounded easy, but it takes a cast of dedicated members, staff and volunteers.  It is that time of year to ask you for your support so we can continue our efforts through 2014.

The Goose Creek Association is your local grassroots environmental organization that:

  1. comments on developments such as the bi-county parkway and cell tower locations;
  2. advocates for maintenance of rural historic gravel roads and expands our historic districts to include the Little River Rural Historic District;
  3. participates in the development of Fauquier County’s telecom ordinance and its cultural and natural resources comprehensive plan;
  4. educates children on the importance of protecting our watershed;
  5. assists landowners with creating and conserving riparian buffers;
  6. conducts ongoing water quality monitoring;
  7. holds community educational forums, including the upcoming showing of “Switch” at The Hill School on Friday, January 31, 2014.  For more information see http://www.goosecreek.org.

We are the voice of over 600 members in Loudoun and Fauquier Counties. We always welcome more volunteers.  If you are interested, please be sure to indicate what your interests are on our return envelope.

Including your e-mail address on the remittance envelope helps us, as a green organization, use less paper and reduce our mailing costs for critical alerts and reports.  We do not share our membership directory or e-mail addresses.

For more information, please contact the GCA office at 540-687-3073 or info@goosecreek.org.  Also, please check our website at http://www.goosecreek.org for updates.

Thank you for your support.

Sincerely yours,

Lori Keenan McGuinness                               Bonnie L. Mattingly

Co-Chair, Fauquier County                            Co-Chair, Loudoun County

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