Historic Districts

Goose Creek Association supports and sponsors historic districts in the Goose Creek watershed of Fauquier and Loudoun Counties.  Historic districts are determined by county, state and federal agencies upon submission of detailed applications typically prepared by professional architectural historians, with public meetings and review.  See National Register of Historic Places and Virginia Landmarks Review Process at  www.dhr.Virginia.gov.  Historic district status publically acknowledges the important contribution to our history, culture and landscape of areas containing significant contributing structures and features worthy of preservation.

Private owners of contributing structures may apply for grants and tax credits for qualifying preservation work.  Typically, owners are not required to do anything to their property in an historic district.  However, there may be a government review prior to public funding of a project that could impact a registered historic district (e.g., public construction that could impact property within an historic district).

The Goose Creek Association has sponsored the following historic districts:



Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC) Map of historic districts in Fauquier and Loudoun Counties.Historic Districts




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