2015 Annual Meeting News

GCA’s Annual Meeting was held on June 8 at Rector House in Atoka.  We had a successful turnout for the presentation of our Annual Report which was handed out to all attendees.  Our Annual Report summarizes our efforts in 2014 and recognizes that our members, sponsors and friends and their support is how we protect the Goose Creek watershed. Please read our Annual Report for more updates and information about GCA.

GCA’s Annual Meeting speaker, Kimberley Fogel, Director Community Development, Fauquier County, spoke about Fauquier County’s policy on future telecom development. Telecommunications continue to play a vital role in economic development in the County. The impact of transmission structures is considerably evaluated within the framework of protecting the areas’ natural and historic resources. Read Kimberley’s report for more information (attached) on County activity and priorities on this important issue.

Download the 2015 Annual Report here!

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