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Story Map

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GREAT NEWS! GCA’s Story Map is up and running. GCA has a new water quality monitoring Story Map which has been produced by David Ward of Loudoun Watershed Watch. We are grateful for David’s expertise in updating our watershed monitoring map so that we can see where our sites are, see a photo of each site, and see up-to-date monitoring results for each site.  David, has also updated our monitoring data and is keeping track of GCA’s water quality scores. This is how we can analyse trends and show what influences could be affecting Goose Creek and its tributaries.  This a great way to keep watch over our beautiful GC and help keep the water clean!


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Download GCA’s Spring 2015 monitoring survey results map here. The scores are the scores from the monitoring done during the spring of 2015.

Posted on June 25th, 2015 in Featured, Stream Monitoring

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